Operation Servant

Welcome on the website of -Operazione Servant- an organization that operates from 1996 in Niger, the poorest country in the world. We work at the National Niamey Hospital, and we act on deseases like the NOMA, the burns, the birth defects and cancer. Over the years we have operated more than 900 patients. There are two missions at year organized by the University of Paris (Hôpital Saint-Louis) and Médecins du Monde, under the direction of Prof. Jean Marie Servant and Dr. Daniel Cataldo. Read more

Face Reconstructive Surgery - A book by Daniel Cataldo

Ten years ago, Dr. Cataldo started writing this book, the only one in the medical literature worldwide. The aims are to find donors to help cover the cost of this enterprise (printing and distribution), fund further research into the disease and recruit new humanitarian missions around the world. View details

Recent News

BBC interviews Daniel Cataldo about Jean Marie Servant

Colleagues and close friends around the world remembered Servant as an exceptional surgeon and a brilliant man with integrity, whose generosity and kindness were unparalleled. Born in 1947, Servant became ...

Daniel Cataldo - Face Reconstructive surgery
Daniel Cataldo presents Face reconstructive Surgery at University of Milan

On Friday 13th of October Doctor Daniel Cataldo will present his new book Face Reconstructive Surgery at Faculty of Medicine of Milan. During the meeting Professor Cataldo will show the ...

Meeting with Pope Francis

The meeting was a warm exchange between Dr. Cataldo and Pope Francis, not only having Argentine origins in common, but a deep-seeded vocation in helping those who suffer. Dr. Cataldo ...